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Dr. Jodie Dobson is is dedicated to providing her patients with the most beautiful smile together with the best dental protection available nowadays.

Hi I’m the ‘Dobson’ here at Dobson Dental.  There were two of us, as I worked here with Dad, Dr Byron Dobson for the last 20 years.  He’s been a great mentor and friend, and colleague, but has now retired. He told me not to be a dentist many years ago, because it’s too hard work, and bad for your back.  Well, he was right, but I do love everything about being a dentist!  I love this place, and our wonderful staff, and the wonderful loyal patients who come to see us. Some still come even after 40 years!
Besides my love of dentistry, I’m a busy mum of 4 fabulous boys, who are all very sporty and musical. This makes for a very crazy weekly timetable! I also try to keep fit, with as much personal training, weights, boxing and hiking that I can fit in. I am an Olympian finalist from the 1992 Barcelona Olympics in Rowing, so I really do love being outdoors and being fit, and still keep in touch with most of my crew.  I have coached school rowing whilst at University, and loved that. I’ve also been a Surf Life Saver for years, winning the National Championships in surf boats a couple of years running. Now that’s a real adrenaline kick! I also love zip lining, and mountain climbing, and SAS bootcamps, and other extreme and somewhat crazy endeavors! Can’t let life get boring!

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