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Cleaning is an essential corner stone of our practice. Your teeth will not last if your gums are not healthy, and poor oral health can lead to other serious illnesses. So clean teeth and gums are most important. We take a lot of time and effort here at Dobson Dental to not only carefully and thoroughly clean your teeth and gums, but also to educate you on how to keep them cleaner yourself. This way you keep your dental bills lower, and oral health better

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We love doing fillings, there are never two the same!
Primarily our fillings are white, which not only look better, but are better for your teeth.
And of course we cater to cowards! We are all very gentle and caring, and explain as we go, so there are no surprises. We have a range of ways to numb areas, and can just as often work without numbing without pain for those who dislike needles.

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Root Canal Fillings at Dobson Dental often put patients to sleep!  Yes, you read it correctly!  It really doesn’t have to be awful.  If a tooth becomes infected and you need a root canal treatment, we are very happy to explain the process to you thoroughly first.

In short however, the inflamed or dead nerve tissue inside the tooth is removed, which allows a tooth that was causing pain, to be kept instead of extracted.  The inside of the tooth and roots are then sterilized and shaped to be filled.

Full treatment usually takes three visits over about three months until the infection is fully treated, then usually a crown is needed soon after.

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So just how are ‘ tooth crowns’ and ‘ tooth bridges’ related?

Well, both are essentially tooth coloured porcelain restorations, used to strengthen severely broken down teeth.

Dental Crowns  are like a deep hat, that completely covers a tooth, to hold it together and give it strength.  Some of the outside and top of the tooth must first be removed to make room to put the crown on, so that the final tooth and crown is the same size as the original tooth was.

Dental Bridges are one or more Dental Crowns linked together that ‘bridge’ a space where a tooth is missing, with a porcelain tooth.  They are a great option to replace a missing tooth when one or both teeth adjacent to the missing tooth needs a crown.

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Dental Implants are used to replace lost teeth.

Implants are artificial tooth roots that often look a bit like ‘screws’, that are placed into the jawbone.  They are then attached to a crown, so they look and function similar to a real tooth.

At Dobson Dental, we don’t place dental implants, but we do treatment plans including them, and we have great teams of specialists we work with who do place them.  We believe that dental implants are such an intricate and specialized field, that they should only be managed by specialists who have the highest training in this area, and who perform this treatment daily.

We have lots of information about dental implants, and how they may be an option for you, and integrated into your smile, and treatment plan.

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Occlusal splints, or nightguards are usually made and worn to protect teeth and jaw joints from excessive grinding and/or clenching (bruxism).  Night time grinding and clenching are very common habits, and very destructive to both teeth and restorations.  Bruxism can also cause a lot of damage to the jaw joints.  Quite often bruxism is stress related.

Most people don’t advertise that they wear nightguards, so you probably already know people who wear these splints.  Occlusal splints are usually worn at night, as this is when the grinding occurs, but some people’s grinding/clenching occurs when they are driving or on the computer or at work.  In these cases, their splint can be worn at these times to protect their teeth.

We will usually also recommend an Occlusal splint after a smile rehabilitation, as it was often grinding that necessitated the rehabilitation!  Without a splint, grinding would ruin all the work done if not protected.

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So you Snore. Or your partner snores.  Or someone in your house snores and you’re going crazy!  We can help!

Well, it is actually a very serious problem in many cases, called obstructive sleep apnoea, where the snoring is due to a blockage of the airway during sleep.

We will organize for you (or whoever needs it!) to have a sleep-study, which is done either at home or in hospital.  Then a Sleep Physician studies the results and makes recommendations.  If a dental sleep appliance is an option, we can make you one,  It is quick and easy to do, and not only stops you snoring, but opens your airway too, to help the obstructive sleep apnoea if you have that also.

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So many people out there you see daily have dentures, and you don’t even know it! Dentures don’t have to look obvious and making dentures is not an awful process to go through either!

Partial dentures replace anything from one tooth, to most teeth in either your upper or lower jaw.  These dentures are held in by your remaining teeth, in a variety of ways.  They are usually very cozy and comfortable and easy to eat with.  Most need little if any adjusting once they are inserted.  The materials they are made of vary, from metal bases, to acrylic bases, to springy resin bases.  Each has benefits in different situations, and we always carefully go through the pros and cons of each with you to help you make an informed decision as to which will be right for you.

Full dentures are needed when all of your teeth in either jaw, or both, are missing, or all of your remaining teeth need to be extracted. These are always made of gum coloured acrylic, and most people adapt quickly and well to them.

We give easy to follow care and use instructions, and are there with you every step of the way to help you with your new teeth.

Of course, if you’ve had ‘falsies’, ‘plates’ or ‘dentures’ for ages, and need maintenance or repairs, we’re here for you too.  Many repairs can be done either the same day, or the next.  No-one wants to be without their teeth longer than they have to!  There’s only so long you can hide at home and eat soup!

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Mouth guards are a must!
Well…..only if you want to keep your teeth!

You and your kids should wear a properly made mouth guard for any contact sport.  These include football, rugby, hockey, boxing and martial arts.  Other sports where mouth guards are highly recommended are water polo, basketball, netball, lacrosse, BMX and skateboarding. Mouth guards should be worn for competition and training.

If front teeth are broken or knocked out, it’s for life.  They are never the same again.  They are a problem for life.  Prevent teeth from damage!  We can make you a mouth guard in no time!  Just give us a call.  It only takes 5 minutes to take an impression of your teeth, and pick a cool colour or two for your mouth guard.  Usually we’ll have it back for you in a few days.  Properly molded mouth guards spread the load of a sporting impact across teeth and gums to avoid damage.  Chemist mouth guards never fit properly, so do not spread the load, so cannot protect the teeth the same way.

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Often referred to as Bleaching is very popular! It is a safe and easy process, which has been around now for over 20 years.  We take you through step by step how to have the beautiful smile you want.  The average time it takes is 4 days to 2 weeks.

Young people sometimes need to make super-white flecks disappear or fade.

Middle-aged people start to notice their teeth yellowing, and just want to ‘freshen up’ their smile.

Often, grandparents are reminded by their delightful grandchildren, that their teeth are yellow!  A little bleaching can fix a bruised ego!

Once you have the starter kit, any future touch-ups you need, (if you need any!) just require one or two tubes at a time, at no great cost from us anytime.

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Veneers are tooth coloured restorations, usually placed on front teeth to improve aesthetics. They can either be made directly on your teeth, or indirectly in the laboratory and cemented onto your teeth later. Porcelain veneers are very thin, delicate, translucent sheets of porcelain.  They are made precisely to fit areas of front teeth that have been shaped by the dentist.  Usually some tooth does need to be removed for these veneers.  They work well to change colour or shape of teeth, or make all the front teeth more attractive.  The dentist prepares the teeth and takes the impressions, then the veneers are made at a Dental Laboratory, and so are called ‘indirect’.

Resin veneers are usually called ‘direct’ veneers, as they are made directly on your teeth with you in the dental chair.  They are also tooth coloured, and can also work well to help change shape and colour of teeth, and make all front teeth and the smile in general more attractive.  These veneers are usually done with no local anesthetic, as generally no tooth structure needs to be removed.

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What, I hear you ask, is a smile rehabilitation?

Well, if you have had a severe grinding/clenching (bruxism) habit for years, and worn your teeth all very short, you may not see your teeth much when you talk or smile, or maybe they just look really flat. ………You need a smile rehabilitation!

Or………maybe you’ve had so many different fillings over the years in all your teeth, and they all look totally different colours and shapes, and you don’t like to smile in photos……You need a smile rehabilitation!

There are other reasons too, but basically, we rebuild and fix up most of your teeth to make them all match and look natural and lovely!  We want you to smile with confidence again!

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If you are one of these, you are not alone!  There are so many nervous and anxious dental patients out there, and we have more than our fair share of them!……because we are gentle and friendly and caring.  Once they come to us, they don’t want to go anywhere else!  Not only that, they tell all their other nervous and anxious friends and family, and they come too!  But we love looking after them all!  We take baby steps, and careful steps, and explain very slowly what we’re doing.  No surprises.  Many of these wonderful people still come to Dobson Dental 40 years on!
Dental anxiety is usually caused by a past negative dental experience.  It could have been a painful, embarrassing or frightening experience, either recently or even decades ago.  Sometimes, anxiety is caused by a feeling of helplessness, or lack of understanding from the dentist, or even pain after a dental visit.
At Dobson Dental we start to tackle these issues by being very open in our communication, and developing a very trusting relationship.  We spend a lot of time listening carefully to concerns and explaining our intentions.  We even explain each step we plan to take very carefully. (That is of course unless you don’t like that!). Our patients have to know we take their fears seriously.
We have a range of relaxation techniques we can use if needed, and patients can bring their own music selections if they prefer.  When treatment begins, we take it slowly and gently.  Every patient is different, and has different needs and requirements from us.  We enjoy helping our Nervous Nellies, and getting to know them better!

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